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Professional Accounting and Tax Preparation Services

As your global property partner we can assist with your taxation requirements We specialise in the preparation of personal tax returns for our UK based investors.

Letting Property in UK
UK income tax is payable on net rental income, after deducting allowable expenses on properties owned within the UK. Landlords must submit an annual self assessment tax return to HM Revenue & Customs, the UK tax authority, to declare any tax payable.

UK Non Resident Landlord Scheme
Under the HM Revenue & Customs Non Resident Landlord Scheme, Letting Agents are required to deduct tax at the basic rate of UK income tax from net rental income (after making deductions for allowable expenses) from all overseas landlords unless they have received approval from HM Revenue & Customs in writing. The scheme applies to all non-resident landlords including individuals, companies, pension funds and trusts.

A landlord is deemed overseas if their usual place of abode is outside the UK, generally where they are resident outside of the UK for more than 6 months in a year.

Our service includes the preparation of annual accounts, completion of tax returns and advice on any payments needed to be made

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