Dubai Real Estate Forecast 2015

If you see from the realtors’ eyes, Dubai is no less than a paradise. One of the world’s most ideal places to make investment in real estate and hub of eye-bubbling premises, Dubai has already soared its name on zenith with many accomplishments whether it’s about being in limelight for the tallest tower in the world or for the largest malls. ‘

Though Dubai holds the pride of having the most stable economy in the world and hardly comes under the grip of an economic meltdown, however all esteemed realtors along with investors in the country, like all the years have again kept an eye on Dubai real estate market and so we are.

A Flashback of Last Two Years

Each year comes up with something new for the realty sector of Dubai. For an instance- 2013 proved to be the queen of wealth as it brought a return of investors’ interest and we got to see the real estate in its former form wherein in next year in 2014, we saw the real estate market got the stability and put down all the concerns of a bubble burst once and for all.

What to expect from Dubai real estate market in 2015?

As every year is celebrated with a new hope of goodness and prosperity, now it’s a time to see how beneficial this New Year is going to be for Dubai’s realty. As read in real estate news and followed by the newspaper, this year, the real estate developers have particularly planned 2015 as the year of construction promises.

While Emaar has already delivered 38, 000 units last year, Nakheel have also planned to award the construction contracts that almost AED 7 billion in worth. In 2015 is, Dubai expected to receive various residential units wherein the commercial sector will also witness laudable developments.

With the help of accessibility, the population of UAE, the residency of Dubai is still easy to get and in 2015, the tourism are expected to rise. For the convenience of immigration, UAE has also introduced a smart services app that would make the things apparently easier with its functionality of checking the accuracy of the data automatically and recommending the changes, thus mitigating people from the recurring trips to the visa office. The VISA will be delivered to the users to their specified location upon approval.

2015 is also going to be fruitful for the job seekers as Dubai has already announced that owing to exp 2020. According to the, the emirate will generate more than 277, 000 jobs wherein most of them are expected to come in this year that would apparently bring a stable stream of expats to the emirate who will then inhabit all the new residential units that Dubai has to proffer, thus empowering its property market. Moreover, the new supply will also stabilise the rents, and localities such as Karama and Bur Dubai that are also likely to feature stable rents. According to the latest reports, the emirate is already started featuring its rental prosperity in many regions.

All and all, 2015 is going to spread a lot of prosperity Dubai’s Realty.

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