Dubai Sets Up Rent Disputes Centre to Tackle Unlawful Evictions and Rent Hikes

The tenancy scenario in Dubai is in for many changes. Many harried tenants of Dubai can now breathe easy as the Dubai Land Department has set up a Rent Disputes Resolution Centre to hear the grievances of Dubai tenants and act on unjustified eviction notices from landlords.  Soothing the distress of tenants will be the Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s cap on rent increases.

Of late there had been reports of property owners evicting tenants using unlawful excuses. It is not that laws are not there to safeguard tenants from being evicted unfairly. The Law 33 of 2008 outlines specific grounds for eviction by a landlord.

Reasons for eviction

To Demolish: When the landlord wishes to demolish the property for reconstruction or add new structures that may prevent the tenant from enjoying the property. For that proper licenses must be obtained beforehand.

Renovation: If the property requires any type of renovation or maintenance which is not possible to carry out by keeping the tenant in the premises. For this a technical report has to be submitted to Dubai Municipality or accredited by them to be enforced.

Own Use: If the case is of the landlord himself wants to use the property, he can do it so only after proving that he does not own an alternative property.

Sale: When the owner wants to sell the property, he can then request an eviction.

Notice Period: In all the above cases a landlord must give the tenant a notice period of twelve months and the notification has to be notarized by a notary public and sent to the tenant by official registered mail.

Eviction Tactics

One ruse by landlords to evict tenants is to claim that they need the property for use even though the motive will be to charge higher rent from a new tenant. The landlord must prove that they do not own another suitable property such as a currently vacant property.

Given the skewed supply scenario of hosing properties in Dubai mainly caused by inability of real estate companies in Dubai to match supply with demand landlords are under the lure of big money coming from high paying tenants.

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