Expensive Dubai Driving Hotel Guests to other Emirates

Dubai was recently ranked as the world’s second-most expensive city to stay. The list compiled by Bloomberg said Geneva was the most expensive city with Kuwait and Zurich following it in third and fourth positions. The average cost of a room in Geneva is around US$308, followed by Dubai at $273 and Kuwait at $253.



Bloomberg survey also noted the impact of the expensive nature of Dubai.  Tourists are skipping Dubai hotels and taking to nearby emirates to avoid the pressure of high hotel tariffs.

According to the top official of a destination management company operating in the Yas Island, people moving away from Dubai is benefiting the hotels in that island. It is a man-made island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It can be can be reached by car or seaplane.

The official noted that in many Dubai hotels the room rates are kept at the peak levels of 2008 and that shocks consumers. This has hit travel agents and tour organizers in leveraging the Dubai accommodation.

Gain for Yas Island

As a value for money option travellers move to Yas because it is close to Dubai and has a big chain hotels with cheaper rates and the island offers lots of entertainment.

Already Yas has become a third option after Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the “base camp” for travellers in UAE who want to spend one or two nights in Dubai. Yas is 25 per cent cheaper than Dubai. There is everything–from the golf to the water and theme parks.

Hub of Best Hotels

According to Issam Kazim, the chief executive of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) hotel rates of Dubai are comparable to other top-ranked cities. Dubai is fortunate to have some of the world’s very best hotels, said Kazim. He credits Dubai hotels with a wealth of experience, events and attractions in creating a leading travel destination. The business development manager of a leading tour organising company also said tourists are now splitting their time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dubai Apartments

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Dubai apartments also include Tower apartments, Hotel apartments and Holiday Apartments. These are all good investment options.

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