Important Tips for Settling in Dubai

Dubai enjoys global fame as a hot spot for business and tourism. As a result more and more people are settling down in Dubai driven by its economic opportunities and quality of life. Those deciding to live or relocate in Dubai city must consider the following factors closely.

  • A Secure a job before settling
  • Clear Idea on the salary expected that can support a certain lifestyle
  • A fair idea of the area you wish to live and plan your relocation
  • Understanding the top residential areas before making the  decision

Jobs and Classified Websites

Classified Websites offer a great platform to those seeking jobs and information on job vacancies in Dubai. People looking for job can search jobs through classified websites. The Dubai classified websites collects profiles of both candidate and employers. They are useful for employers, job seekers, car sellers, buyers, property dealers, buyers and investors without paying anything extra to the middlemen.

Rental Property

Those looking at properties for rent in UAE must know that property prices and rental are spurting every quarter in Dubai. So it is now a norm for landlords to ask tenants to pay the annual rent in a single cheque as advance. For this, firms used to pay their employees an accommodation allowance which is deducted from their salary. Of late this is becoming less common.

So establishing a company’s position in this respect before you moving to Dubai is very important. Come to Dubai prepared to pay at least six months’ rent in advance as landlords charge more from tenants who pay in several post-dated cheques.

Buying Property

Get a property guide to develop abroad idea on the nuances of purchasing properties in Dubai.  Property in Dubai can be purchased by all as Dubai properties are an open market where residents as well as overseas investors can put money. As for Property investment in Dubai overseas investors are allowed to buy properties in freehold areas. All that they need is residential visas from the government for owning new property.

Bank Account

When there is an apartment for sale in Dubai and a buyer wants to try he must have a bank account. It is a must for hiring the services of a local solicitor in the matter of transferring funds to the dedicated customers account. The new property can be registered after paying the fees and developers have to hand over the property after the agreements are executed.

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