Make the most of Small Space with these Easy Tips

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you need to live life in a cramped way. There are numerous ways through which you can make the best use of your small apartment. Whether you wish to get more out of a small living space or minute nook in your home or live in the typical studio apartment, use these simple tips to maximize space and storage in your small apartment.

Go for multipurpose furnishings

When you live in a pockets-size home, you must make each and every item earn its keep. Small stools or poufs can be used as footrests, tables, or extra seating and are slickly tucked away when not in use. Other resilient furniture pieces to consider are: a bench with in-built storage space, a bar cart which can hold keys and mail between parties, a daybed for overnight guests, or a petite sleeper sofa.

Keep it clutter-free and clean

In a pocket-size home, even a few tiny modifications can make the big difference. Pare down unnecessary items and keep the essential belongings only to give the whole place a spick and span look. Keeping eye-catching hooks, bins, baskets, and bowls at the ready will make sure that picking up is cool breeze.

Make your space multifunctional

Whether you live in a studio, one bedroom apartment, or stay with your roommates, your living area should be able to utilize single space for many functions. For example, you can use your dining table as a work station when not using it for having meals. The same could be used for carrying out different creative hobbies and crafts. Secondly, you can use kitchen area for dining, entertaining, sitting and for cooking for sure. To give a bigger appearance to your living room, use sleeper sofa beds and futons for a couch in the day and a sleeping zone at night.

Use color and light for space maximization

To make your diminutive home look bigger, let disperse ample of light into your home (natural light is more preferable). Also make use of muted color tones and light hues to maximize your space. The smallest place looks like a presidential suite if there’s ample of natural light. Overhead fixtures are the best bet for light-starved apartments. Use of too much color in your home can leave a cluttered effect, so it’s best to keep your small home simple and light. Light pastels works well if white is too stark for you.

Go vertical

Use your creative side when it comes to finding our extra storage space in your home. What about the space above your shelves’? Do you find any space above the doors or above your filing cabinets? Cast a glance in your closet as well. Is there any wasted area? Take a look at all these spaces and you’ll surely find more storage to keep extra stuffs over there.

Bring in attention-grabbing furniture pieces

Your personal nest is tiny, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the most out of it in terms of style! The best thing about living in a small space is that you don’t need to buy loads of furnishings. For the few pieces you have in your home, make them eye-catching and special. An exquisite headboard in the bedroom or an entertainment corner that grabs eyes of guests can make your home interiors enjoyable and fun to be in. Infuse life into your walls by decorating them with wall decals, murals and captivating artwork.

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