Is your property being affected by the Dubai Traffic?

Traffic blockage and road closures in any emirates are the common issues. If there is a population, it’s very natural to meet with the traffic issues on the road, but do you really think that this also affects the property market? Well, residents of Dubai who are driving in Dubai are relentlessly exasperated with this issue, especially the residents of Downtown or Marina Area.

With the building of new tramline, there is seen to be the constant traffic in the area of JBR in marine. The traffic condition is quite disturbing here for now. In this area, roads while driving are seen to be closed for 15 minutes or more time that can simply ruin your all urgent plans. Though we don’t realize, but the constant changes in the road systems and traffic chaos are badly affecting us more than we think.

So what do you think, could this trepidation of traffic be affecting the Dubai Property Market? Let find it now…

When any tenant or potential home buyer tends to buy or rent any property in Dubai, the traffic around them stands as the top factor in finalizing their decision. Because, driving is a regular duty for the people of every walk of life and no one will prefer in dwelling at the place that is all surrounded with the constant noise of engines and beeping horns.

If you have any property or trying to give it away on rent or looking ahead to sell it off then, there is one idea to prevent it. By spending some cash, you can have the sound proof property such as- install the door insulation and bring some double lined, thick curtains that would cut off the irritating sound.

One more thing you have to keep in mind is, when you bring any potential buyer or tenant at home, make sure you invite them during non-rush hour time of the day such as- mid morning or on Friday. Try not to let them visit to view your property at 6:30pm when it’s all haunted with the sound of maddening traffic.

Despite of all such traffic issues, we can’t ignore the fact that Dubai is still changing something and we need to accept this. There is a construction on the roads that disrupt them and cause such traffic issues, but this is being carried out to improve our day to day lives such as the construction of tramline. If you are a potential buyer or tenant looking for to buy your dream property in Dubai, it’s mandatory for you to evaluate the pros and cons of the traffic nearby your building.

Today the road outside might be a tactic, busy and full of traffic but when the tramline will be opened, your property will experience the quick boost in its price being so close to it. Likewise, there is also a constant road work and construction around Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai, the boulevard, so by the passes of time, it would also have the huge changes in the property rates.

The construction is there to increase the facilities for residents such as- restaurants, retail spaces, pedestrian crossings and better road surfaces so it won’t be a fair deal to buy out the property just because this ongoing construction. Try to look at the bigger picture or the scenario after 15 or 20 years.

Though it may seem today tough to survive in such areas but keep in mind that these road constructions will no longer be continued for forever. They will stop at any point and once these projects completed, it would result the higher property prices in the emirate. It would be a more developed and better city to live in for us.

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