Use “Service Charge and Maintenance Index” Calculator to Avoid Dubai Apartment Service Charges

Are you also the victim of service charge nightmare for Dubai apartments? Have you also been duped by the property landlords or owners with some unexplainable irregularities in the service charge prices? If yes, you should not bear this anymore as RERA, the housing regulatory arm of Dubai government has introduced its online calculator “Service Charge and Maintenance Index” for properties in Dubai that would give clear details of costs related to real estate projects across the country.

From now, no landlord or apartment owner would be able to charge for higher service charges from you as the service charges in the emirates is now a subject to be thoroughly monitored and calculated accurately.

The online calculator to check the actual service charge on the property or apartments in Dubai was launched recently in the GITEX exhibition to give away the clear details of the service costs. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department has taken a great move towards the ever increasing fraud and scams of some lethal property owners in the country.

It’s generally aimed to bring more transparency to the costs related to the real estate emirate which has in the earlier period been at the core of the complaints from the owners and tenants. So, from now, both, tenants and owners can rest assure that they are being monitored by the RERA regulations- there would be no space for any fraudulent activity. Details could be identified for the community and areas.


Nowadays, when the landlords are asked, what their service charges actually cover, most of them have no answer but, with the launch of this new system, the costs related to the Dubai’s building will turn out to be more translucent and landlords would also be able to budget correctly for their outgoing costs rather than just charging for the extreme bills at random, most of which they, themselves don’t understand.

Moreover, more than just measuring, evaluating and monitoring the service charges for residential properties in Dubai, the Index of RERA will also ensure that the charges of office space and commercial areas are properly aligned.

With the Service Charge and Maintenance Index is based on the accurate data audited by RERA and information being verified with owners associations and real estate developers, property owners can now feel more safe and secure as they will be charged by the appropriate amount and will also be aware of what they are actually paying for?

The Index is subject to be updated on regular basis and it has been divided into four major categories that include –

  • Residential property
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Shops and Villas

The level of charges would be determined by the Dirhams-per-square-foot formula. So, next time you pay any service charge to the property use this index to know the exact amount that you have to pay.

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