‘Taaj Arabia’ A Mimeo of Taj Mahal to be built in Dubai

Please hold your nerves as, after catching this news, you’ll be bombarded with the flood of shock, surprise and happiness at the same time. Confused, what silly we are cooking around? Don’t be, because we’re talking about the historical re-construction of a building that’s soon going to take place again after more than 350 years.

We are talking about the construction of ‘TAAJ ARABIA’ a replica of Taj Mahal in India, Agra, that’s going to be built in Dubai. It will be a 20-storey glass structure inspired and influenced by India’s Taj Mahal

The USD 1 billion replica of the Taj Mahal that is soon going to be built by the developers would be almost four time bigger than the original monument (seventh wonder of the world).

Apart from 300-room hotel, Taaj Arabia will also possess one million sq ft of retail space. According to Link Global, the company behind the project, there are plans to create the flimsy of Taj Mahal in Dubai’s USD 36.5 billion Falcon City of Wonders. It’s a multi-purpose project being developed in Dubai.

The Dubai-based firm said it has been inundated with requests from the top-notch jewellers and retailers looking forward to renting retail space in the development. One after India at Agra, Dubai would be another “New City of Love’.

It’s also being said that the majestic potential building will also have other structures such as- the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

Though the original building, situated in the northern Indian town of Agra, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and took 20 years to build but this replica ‘Taaj Arabia’ will not keep people on wait for that long and would be ready by 2016-end and open to public by early 2017. Along with the other facilities, the replica will encapsulate the beauty of romance, love and life like the original shrine does.

So if you’re keen to watch the replica of seventh wonder of the world then hold yourself for little longer and visit the majestic building probably by 2017.

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