Some Tips for Renting Property in Dubai

In Dubai the process of renting a property can be daunting to any tenant–be it an experienced one or a fresh novice unless there is guidance. Only when the right property and a committed agent add up there will be good results.

Tenancy does not involve long term commitments. But taking the wrong route will bring more stress and pain even in a short term tenancy. So, it is important to make sure that the rental experience is not a bitter one. For that a few tips here can help ….

Research Well

Spend time researching the areas you are targeting for rentals. Get a feel for an area and explore the area well even if on foot.

Think like a Buyer

Once you have zeroed in on a likely property, do not skip the checks because you are renting and is in hurry. Act like a buyer and visit the area as many times as possible.

  • Check whether the street is very congested in the rush hour?
  • Is there heavy noise from local pubs?
  • Is the local transport fine?
  • Are amenities like shops, schools, doctors and dentists nearby?

Viewing properties

Viewing rental properties is often a whistle-stop exercise but do give ten minutes or more in specific areas. Make a checklist before and after viewing.


In your dealings with an agent or a landlord never act in a desperate way. So make an offer that is below the asking rent and snatch some discount as every dirham saved is equivalent to one made.

Do a full inventory

Do not rush in without completing formalities like inventory list. Go through everything with a fine-toothed comb otherwise it will eat into your deposit. Not only the furniture but other things also need a relook

  • Are the carpets and curtains steam-cleaned
  • Condition of Soft furnishings
  • Make a list of the problems you have spotted
  • Inform the agent or landlord the problem areas in a letter or email
  • Maintain a copy of the problem check list for future use


Those taking rental property in Dubai has to be upfront in terms of the problems they come across in housing. They need to be reported to landlords. It can be as small as the washing machine that is not working. Whatever it be do not be shy of reporting difficulties and getting it fixed at the owner’s cost.

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