Tips to Safeguard Your Tenancy Agreement in Dubai Properties

While taking a flat for rent in Dubai, the tenants must be careful about a few important things in order to ensure a smooth run of the lease and avoid disputes with the landlords. They include ensuring that all service charges have been paid and registering lease agreements with appropriate authority.

In the matter of renting in Dubai, service charges are a critical controversial issue, according to many real estate consultants. That is why it is essential that the tenancy agreement must spell out the landlord’s obligations in clear terms so that he knows is accountable what he is meant for. The obligations of both the tenant and landlord have to be spelt out clearly.

The contract has to be all-inclusive with no hidden fees without any ambiguity.
It is in the interest of the tenant to ask for a certificate from the developer if you are looking for a property for rent in and around Dubai to confirm that the landlord has paid up all service fees. The agreement must spell out that the rent covers all facilities. It should be transparent about the rate at which the rent has to be paid. The intent is not to let a tenant walk into a dispute between the developer and landlord on the matter of facilities. There are instances of such disputes souring tenancy relations in Dubai after developers start restricting the use of common facilities such as parking by the tenant citing the unpaid dues by the landlord.

Also make sure that the tenancy agreement is registered online with the Dubai Land Department.

Step by step

Work with Registered brokers: These are bona fide brokers verified by the Dubai Land Department and other authorities.

Get a Certificate: Get a certificate from the developer showing that the landlord has paid off all service fees.

Study the Contract Well: Read the tenancy agreement in full with emphasis on such as the tenure of the lease, landlord’s responsibilities for paying service fees and related charges, and tenant’s responsibility for paying utilities. The agreement must be clear on what all facilities can be used by the tenants and parking spots which are covered by the rent.

Register the contract:The tenant must register the contract with to safeguard the parties from disputes.

The government has mandated this as a measure to control frauds and ensure that the same property is not rented out twice.

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