Top 3 Tenant Preferred Localities in Dubai

For the property owners in Dubai, Last Year 2014 proved to be very beneficial in many ways. Since the rental market in Dubai has prospered more amazingly, some lucky folks who managed to place their residential units on rent were seem to be the busiest. With the severe slowness in the second quarter had immense impact on number of localities, the renting in Dubai has also experienced the even distribution among tenants in 2014 and both, primary and secondary market burgeoned.

On the other hand, for some tenants, the year founded to be dull since many of those have to look ahead for affordable residential substitutes in the wake of accelerating rents. Even, at some localities, we also noticed that people located in luxurious communities had to shift to more easy-on-the-pocket options. The respective trend not only raised the availability of lavish properties, but it also improved the secondary market which was previously overlooked.

In order to help out the tenants of Dubai, we’ve come up with the post that aids to filter out the most popular localities in terms of rents and sales. According to the latest trends in mind, Dubai Marina has been recognized as the most preferred locality for renting an apartment in Dubai, where on the other hand, Dubai Marina that is featuring the exclusive views of Burj Khalifa is the second most searched locality.

In this list, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, which is the hospitable cousin of Dubai marina ranks at the third most searched locality in the month of December. So far as the rents of the discussed residential localities are concerned, it’s been researched that the average rents per year of Apartments in Dubai Marina are:

  • AED 87,361 for studio
  • AED 111,368 for 1-bedroom
  • AED 163,540 for 2-bedroom
  • AED 274,705 for 3+ bedroom apartments

Moreover, the average rents for the apartments in Downtown Dubai are-AED 76,936, AED 138,565 for one bedroom apartments, and AED 233,530 two-bedroom apartments. As compared to Downtown and Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers feature the most economical options where the average rents per annum of apartments in JLT include-AED 55,511, AED 100,050 and AED 141,025 for studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments correspondingly.

By observing the current popular trends, The Princess Tower, The Marine View Tower and the Dubai Marine are the top three apartment buildings for rentals in Dubai Marine where in the Downtown Dubai, The lofts, Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall are the most searched for renting apartment in the locality in the month of December. The top three and most preferred apartment buildings in JLT include-Laguna Tower, Goldcrest View and Indigo Tower.


So the top three rental localities in Dubai will go with this segment-

  • Dubai Marina
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers

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