Top 5 Mega Projects in Dubai to Make Your Trip Extra Enchanting

With a clear vision to make Dubai more appealing and to multiply its travels, the emirate has planned to further improve the infrastructure of the city, thus they have invested heavily in some of its mega projects to acquire the large number of visitors by 2020. The projects are planned to be completed at various dates in the upcoming years.

The projects which are currently undergoing are worth billions of dollars and once completed successfully, they would for sure, feature the splendid sights that would magnetize thousands of people. Hence, if you are someone planning to visit the emirate as a tourist or looking ahead to buy a house, then here are the some projects you must keep an eye on.

Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari is a project that cost around Dh883.5 million. It would include some fascinating allures that include- traditional Souqs, a new fish market, birds and animal market as well as various tourist attractions. The project is currently under construction in Al Warqa 5, Aweer Road, on an area of 396 hectares and is believed to be Dubai Municipality’s most esteemed projects.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is about framing Dubai in a unique manner that would display the both sides of the coin. The project is shaped like a giant window frame and now completed by more than 35 percent. It is expected to be completed by the second half of 2015. The whopping rectangle will serve as a 150 metre by 93 metre frame of a view of modern Dubai on one side and the older city on the other. As per the report, once the project is completed, it will expectedly draw two million visitors per year from all across the world.

Mall of the world

Announced in July 2014, Mall of the world is being constructed in Al Sufouh district, along Sheikh Zayed Road, different from the Mohammed bin Rashid City. The project is covering covered theme parks, shopping malls, shopping precinct, wellness zone, hotels, air-conditioned walkways. With its massive size and features, it is going to be the world’s largest mall. The AED 25 billion project takes approx ten years in being completed.

Al Fahidi Market

This is one out of the eight mega markets that are being constructed in Dubai. The project is almost ready and is one among the few mega projects that would completely achieve the green building provisions. For the water heating and cooling, and lights, there would be the solar energy system. The market construction is built at the cost of Dh50.5 million on 27,000 square metres and will comprises the specific areas for different types of trade activities including food, fabrics, toys, handicrafts, traditional products and gold.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water is a man-made canal that would be joining the Dubai Creek to the Arabian Gulf at Jumeirah beach. With this ongoing project, Dubai region will get an island status. Alongside the sparkling waters, it’s featuring over 14 million square feet of attractive retail, dining, and residential lifestyle that would magnetize a thousand of tourists from all around the globe.

So, next time when you plan your trip to Dubai in Future make sure that you are better aware of these places and spare out some money to enjoy your trip to fullest.

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